Best Fish Knives Review In 2018 – A Step By Step Guide

1. Rapala NK03039
Wusthof Classic 7-Inch Fillet Knife With Sheath
Almost as old as American sport fishing, knives for Rapala pistols were the standard for work almost as much as I remember.

I say "almost" because the predecessor of "Rap" was a knife with fish fillet Nor-Mark, and I have owned it since 1973 and cleaned up much more fish than I could ever count.

I believe that the design of the Rapala knives came out of the Nor-Mark knife before the Rap appeared for commercial sale.

The secret behind a good fillet knife is all in steel. Rapala uses a class of steel that can hold the edge for a long time, and this is crucial when you encounter several limitations of sun perch, crappie or other catches related to the massive panfis.

There was a time when I had my fishing camp in western central Minnesota where there were 10,000 lakes, and we cleaned the fillets and cut out up to 200 fish a day.

Try it with a blunt knife and see what happens. In the years that followed, Rapala was always used around our fishing camp.

good fish fillet knife
The Rapala knife listed here retains a completely stainless steel metal blade with a 7-inch stainless steel pin with a classic handle made of varnished birch. A leather sheath and a single-step sharpener complete the knife packing.

2. Morakniv "Fish Comfort" Fillet Knife

This stainless steel fillet holds a 6.1-inch stainless steel plate. The grip surface does not absorb odors, and it is easy to grip. The ends of the grip handle retain what almost replaces the bronze anchors of the old Nor-Mark school on the blade and handle.

Made with stainless steel Sandvik 12C27, the knife will remain sharper and fight corrosion. The thickness of the blade is 0.07 inches, the total length of the blade is 10.6 inches.

The plastic sheath is a simple clean material, and the kit includes belt loops and clamps.

3. Kershaw Clearwater 9-in fillets

9-inch fixed blade for fish fish Kershaw is made of stainless steel 420J2. The knife uses soft textured polymer handles and is a good knife for filletting large fish.

a fish
This thick pike for pikeperch gets a real knife when it's time to cut and pack.

Most of the knives I own are not search engines, but are tools for creating. If the blade can not cut, it is useless for a man in the open air.

4. Gerber Gator

This knife is a 6-inch fillet knife, which is a general purpose and not so long that it can not be hidden in the drawer or under the boat seat when it is on the water.

This very accessible knife retains the basic design of the knife of a commercial fish knife, and because I buy some of my field tools from the restaurant service company here in my hometown, I know the difference.

This is a working knife with a small gloss or glamor, but its hard-working intestines are built into its blade and handle.

5. Dexter 6 "The Basics

This is because these blades are in the same family. From time to time, I appeal to them for hard work with large fish when cutting or cutting sections of fillets from northern pike or large fish from fresh water, and also salted fish such as the yellow tail, from line to ice cooler,

I have three of these types of knives in my kit that go to Canada for weekly fishing hunts. These blades were made by hand an old meat grinder years ago for me. These are hard blades that do not bend at all, but have energy in terms of raw energy to cut through a large bone fish.

"P94823 6" is a blade in a commercial style and from what I see here, I like it. Made of carbon steel against stainless steel, it's easy to take grinding steel.

A few punches, and you're back in action on the cleaning table. All my hand blades are carbon steel compared to stainless or even harder metals. Stainless steel is good until you need to apply a new edge to the material. I take a whole box of these stainless steel knives to the winner's girlfriend with a sharpener for the meat grinder. I cut all my blades, like new ones with this commercial system, every year before the biggest game season. Best Fish Knives Review In 2018 – A Step By Step Guide